Monday, January 28, 2013

The perfect weekend getaway in New York City

It is winter time over here in New York City and the chilly cold seems to be bearing down on the locals. Preferring to stay indoors where they can stay warm and welcomed all day long isn’t quite the kind of idea we had in mind for the weekend? The great thing about spending a weekend in New York City is that there is never a shortage of things to do, be it the weekend or a week night. Needless to say, the best way to make the most time here in the Big Apple is to use a charter bus, coach charter, party bus or mini bus for your trip, especially if you are traveling in a large group. This way, you can get around in the city without worrying about taking public transport or getting lost along the way, which could affect the way you enjoy the rest of the day. 

The weekend is the perfect time to visit a couple of museums with your family and friends. A good museum would be the Solomon R. Gugenheim Museum which is perfect even for the little ones. They might not be as introspective after their visit, but they are going to be absolutely inspired with the lessons and arts and craft workshops. Who knows, your little one might be inspired enough to be the next great artist! There is a Museum of Sex in NYC but we don’t think it is the kind of place you would want to bring your kids too. 

If you are craving for more art in NYC, then bring the rented charter bus to one of the most awe-inspiring buildings/museum in the city that never sleeps called the Museum of Modern Art a.k.a. MoMA. The building got a nice facelifft in 2004 which spanned over two years. The designer who took on the amazing feat would be none other than famous Japanese architect, Yoshio Taniguchi. Thanks to the redesign, there is now double the space for all the amazing and jaw-dropping artworks from the 19th to 21st century. The displays does not merely stop at what you can find on the insides of the museum, the gardens right outside and the building itself is also works of art. 

As mentioned, although the weather is chilly out there, it makes more sense to bundle the kids up in their winter wear and play in the snow. And if that does not sound like something your kids (or you) will enjoy, take the time to learn up something new, like samba or ballroom dancing, racing a go-kart or painting. Some of our charter bus rental customers love to organize group weekend trips out in New York City and mingle around and in the process, they end up making more new friends than they initially expected. NYC is awesome this way