Monday, September 2, 2013

Cave of the Winds

Most of the time, whenever we have visitors from overseas or from out of town, planning a visit for them is always an exciting thing to do. And for convenience and comfort, we would usually charter a New York bus to take everyone to wherever that we would like to bring them. It is always a great joy to be able to spend more time with our visitors as they have taken time to travel from afar to visit us and one of the places that we enjoy bringing them to visit is the Cave of the Winds, which is a must see spot for any first time visitors. In fact, this is a favorite spot to go whenever we have friends or relatives visiting.

Cave of the Winds is one of the signature activity at Niagara Falls State Park and while the main event at Niagara Falls is to watch the majestic and awesome torrent of Niagara falls, many people also take the opportunity to experience the exhilarating fun of exploring the Cave of the Winds. For tourists who come to the Niagara Falls in NY charter buses, they are always told to never miss out on the fun of exploring Cave of the Winds because it would surely be their once in a lifetime experience – unless they plan to return to Niagara Falls in the near future, that is. There will be quite a lot of stairs to climb when you are inside the “cave”, but you don’t have to rush through – in fact, we would suggest that you take your own sweet time and savor the experience of being in there. You will, however, we promise, get wet even with wearing a designer poncho with matching sandals (which you will get to keep at the end of the tour!) but we also promise you that it is a great activity for all ages – well, almost all ages; because if you are too young or too old, you may not be able to enjoy the excitement of this activity.

As you and your entourage put on your poncho and sandals after paying for the admission tickets, you will then go down an elevator and once you come out of it, you can then enjoy taking the views that is ahead of you. There is also a guide to help you identify the many different types of seagulls that you will encounter and as you reach the bridge, you will walk across it and right into the falls – and when you are through this experience, you can continue this awesome experience with a meal at the Top of the Falls Restaurant where you get to see the view of the Niagara Falls from every seat in the restaurant.